Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Hello from Ms Blackborow!

sorry to have neglected you all - keeping the streets of north london crime-free is a time-consuming business!

i will leave you all some individual comments and deal with any outstanding questions over the next few days and also in the holidays so keep checking and blogging.

check your schedules please; if i remember correctly you will have 1 more week after easter to complete your research stages then we will be working on constructing the actual essays. so make sure you have plenty of material and notes by then for both essay 1 and 2. some of you will obviously need to work hard on this in the holidays.

i'm coming in to school on thursday so if you have anything you want to talk to me about, come and find me at lunchtime

missing you all, Ms blackborow x

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Motivational speech from Ms B

well done one and all on your debates results; we're really very proud of you! have you all collected your creme eggs - if not, theyre in the media office for you.

For those of you who only need a few marks to get your grades now, I know it's hard to keep the momentum up on your research but hang in there - it'll be worth the final push! for those of you still going for a decent result, lets get these blogs updated - good to see new posts from Chris and Harrison today. Adam well done on getting your bfi library re-visit booked; Francis your books arrived today.

Try to start using the new work we've been doing on methods and evaluation; if you would prefer to use your blog instead of the paper record to evaluate as you go along, that's fine - just make sure you label clearly so you can keep track.

I'd like to see your individual action plans on weds, so make sure you've made some progress on those.

we are done now on audience theory and methodology sessions so its individual research pretty much all the way now. if you're not sure about something ask each other or check your folders.

Ms Brookes and i are at a conference on Friday so no lesson, BUT will be checking in to look at your blogs.

I'm on jury service for the next 2 weeks; any queries or questions, post them on your blogs clearly labelled for me and I will respond direct.

Happy blogging and be good!!

Ms B

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Sunday, 4 March 2007


the location of the BFI national library is stephen street, off tottenham court road, nearest tube is TCR

here's a link to the BFI website, visitors info

you can print the map off from here

Make sure you bring your media folders, plenty of paper and a pen to take notes

Ms b

sunday update from ms blackborow

hi everyone; dr P and I have had a good look at your blogs; great start on the whole, particularly those of you using labels already (harry, chris), also embedding video (siobhan), and pimpin' your space as it were (siobhan!). have left a comment for each of you, so have a look at those as soon as. aobsentees from last week - lots to do!

re the trip on thurs - reminder: meet at the BFI at 9 am, we'll be back at school by lunchtime. I'll give you a letter tomorrow; will need all paperwork back URGENTLY as it's such short notice. Trip costs - none, it's free but make sure your oyster card is topped up and bring some £1 coins for photocopying costs.
Ms Blackborow

Friday, 2 March 2007